• DG's Kick Up The Arse Courage Mentoring

    Engage with DG, for 10 minutes a day for a intense courage conversation. A powerful experience facilitating you to unleash your personal weirdness and potential in life, sport, relationships or business - wherever your heart takes you.
    • When: 5 x 10 minute conversations (over phone) on weekdays.
    • Duration: start with one week and see how you get on.
    • Costs: $230 per week (includes gst)
    • Maximum 10 spaces. Secure your spot by purchasing one week.
    • Anyone can join. You don't have to be in sports or coaching. But a commitment to live fully is required.
  • For more than 20 years David Galbraith has been refining how to best support a person unleash their personal greatness. He has been incredibly privileged to work with some exceptional people from all walks of life. As part of this journey he was asked to generate his material into a publishable book. 'UNLEASHING GREATNESS is the result of this work. THE MAXIMUM ORDER through our web shop IS 2 BOOKS. If you would like to order more books, please contact us. So we can arrange the correct shipping and associated costs.
  • 60 Minute Courage Session

    A one-on-one session is for those 100% committed to taking Pathway 1. We reflect on what living from courage could look like for you, on what is holding you back and on the way forward. It is for people prepared for honest conversations and wanting the very best for themselves.    
  • Group Courage Session - 60 minutes

    Get your group together (min 2, max 4 people) and check in on a regular basis. A great way to work together as a team. The time in between sessions can be used for reflection between yourselves supporting each other and holding each other accountable. Price is the price person. We can discuss frequency based on your need. Catching up (online) bi-weekly is a good start.    

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