Unleashing greatness within your team

DG immerses himself everyday in the highest echelon of high performance in teams and with athletes chasing .001 of a second that defines winning and losing!  

He knows how to build high performing cultures where people unleash their unique greatness and where businesses win.

For those who are genuinely committed to maximising performance, DG is in; through one-off talks through to full immerse leadership programmes and anything in between.

DG Workshops and Talks

Inspire and educate your team

I have found that talent or genetics has very little to do with success. At the end of the day, it comes down to the critical ingredients of identity, authenticity, mental focus and training ugly. And then courage to cut to the chase and get through all the BULLSHIT that suffocates potential and productivity.

The thing is… most individuals, teams and businesses are swimming in bullshit! And nobody tells it as it is… either to themselves or each other. When people break free of this and refuse to ‘play along’ to their own and other’s lies a revolution occurs!

Then… magic happens. People and teams start expressing themselves; and their inner weirdness floods forth.

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My talks encourage powerful self-reflection, leaving people reflect on their habits, (personal) life and performance, and show a pathway to optimal ‘performance’ or -if required- profound change. I don’t mince words – and in some ways I am the truth most people are too afraid to hear.

In saying this the real and raw nature I hold to leaves people feeling cared for, empowered and inspired, and considering their future from a new perspective and a refreshing intention of living fully.

Yes, I am still interested

Lots of laughter as well as so much quality self reflection for everyone. Outstanding combination.

Honestly, this is the beginning of the new me.

What I enjoyed about you is that you are outside the box. Watching you perform your craft, you are a unique human being!! I am genuinely grateful to have met you!

You taught me one big lesson: BE YOURSELF. […]. The athletes saw the true me and it was much easier than trying be something or someone I wasn’t.

Interesting what you find buried in your heart as you chip away at your fears and see what you would do if you lived by courage and not by fear.

I was profoundly moved, not only by what you shared, but by how you shared it. Hearing you speak and witnessing your energy in person has added a new depth of understanding to your work and a felt-sense experience of it, which was truly enriching and authentic.

Your workshop came at just the right time in my life; after years of striving for perfection, has left me feeling empty, isolated and confused.

I now understand that I have been putting my energy and focus in all the wrong places.

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