Unleash greatness in your team

and win as a business

Build high performance cultures where people hum to the beat of the universe.

One of maturity, resilience, belonging and care, excellence and perfection seeking and personal responsibility.

In business, race day is every day.
Are you ready?

Sport and business. The two share much in common. Success in both is the result of high performing cultures and habits.

Over decades of being immersed in the highest echelon of high performance sports DG is equipped to coach people and teams to be phenomenal performers.

Olympic Mind Coaching for business leaders

The critical ingredient to any high performing team and culture is the leader. It’s you!

Over four Olympic games, 13 Super rugby Campaigns and one rugby world Cup, DG has witnessed many great coaches, the odd one even being phenomenal! It is this experience that leads to deeply knowing that the critical ingredient to any high performing team and culture is the leader!

Nothing comes close to this variable when looking at how to explain phenomenal teams and coaches. There are many great leaders. But, the phenomenal can be easily counted on one hand.

In saying that, anyone can be this incredible, their greatness is not genetic. They are ordinary people doing incredible things. And this can be you!

The Olympic Mind Coaching Programme coaches you to:
  • Become phenomenal yourself
    We start with you and we explore your own phenomenality, and what is in the way. It will be confronting but deeply rewarding.

  • Become ready to coach others to be phenomenal
    You will be coached on how to establish a genuine high performing culture, where people feel deep belonging and connection. A key ingredient to ensure high performance across the board.

  • Succession planning to make the dream happen
    Establishing the required scaffolding and processes where you can ‘give up’ authority and grow genuine leadership within all roles and places throughout the organisation. Whether you are there or not, all is humming for years to come.

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Phenomenal leadership: from control-the-ship to guardianship

DG is involved with business to coach (key) leaders to grow phenomenal cultures with deep maturity and enduring performance legacy.

This is a business wide programme, very specific to your organisation – though all deeply anchored in the vision of seeing leadership as guardianship.

A critical perspective shift as we embark on unleashing phenomenal leadership and establishing a genuine high performance culture is seeing leadership as guardianship.

Many leaders are practicing control-the-ship, the other end of the spectrum to guardianship.

Guardianship is about WE not ME. Guardians lead off a vision, one where their own face and name is actually not included. One where the organisational staff mature into deep personal meaning for what they do and responsibility for how they do it. They become invested in the organisation like it is their own!

Control-the-ship is governed by: “Be perfect. Don’t be imperfect. Don’t make a mistake. Don’t say the wrong thing. Don’t be late. Don’t don’t don’t! It is a place where staff feel their contract is under constant threat, and are only ever one mistake away from been fired! So it is always better in these cultures to be careful, very careful about what you say and do, and not make mistakes!” Unlikely they will ever reach their potential – which you need if you want to be a phenomenal business.

Guardianship understands deeply that belonging and freedom to make both mistakes and innovations is the substance to a high performing organisation; and a legacy of revolutionizing the market place.

It is about understanding that the secret ingredient to effective team leadership is the invisible space in between people, and the ‘rules’ that govern that space.

  • Deeply knowing organisational and individual identity
  • Building connectivity and belonging through the weaving together of the above
  • Building powerful rituals of belonging from the way someone is introduced
  • Having robust innovation and performance processes and scaffolding that unleashing personal responsibility and potential

Productivity. Innovation. High Performance. Cultural Resilience – all lie in understanding and living guardianship.

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