Master Courage. Control your Destiny.


Let go of fears and doubts. Break free from expectations.
Commit to your values. Embrace uncertainty.

When you commit to courage, you’ll
live your greatest life.

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You. Courage? Or Coward?


Are you coward?

  • Excuses

  • Give up talk

  • Seeking reassurance

  • Being careful

  • Run away from risk

Are you courage?

  • Embrace challenges

  • Don’t care about outcomes

  • Trust

  • Patience

  • Plan and take action

What defines you?


Unleashing Greatness – The Book

Over more than 20 years David Galbraith has been refining how to best support a person unleash their personal greatness. He has been incredibly privileged to work with some exceptional people from all walks of life. As part of this journey he was asked to generate his material into a publishable book. ‘UNLEASHING GREATNESS’ is the result of this work.

This book is NOT about dreaming small. It’s about taking Pathway 1 in pursuit of your “impossible” dream. It’s all about planning, measuring your progress, facing brutal facts and having the courage to be relentless in the achievement of your true bliss. It’s also about giving back to community, helping others get better and being grounded as well as driven. David has hit the spot with this book.

Wayne Smith, Global Rugby Icon

This book is a must read for anyone wanting to achieve more in their life and is a real life changer. David Galbraith is an absolute master at what he does and is truly inspiring. He understands people and has the ability to help people smash self-doubt and to unleash their full potential.

Richard Kahui, Rugby World Cup Winning All Black

The satisfaction I got from pushing myself past the fear of jumping! It’s definitely helped me to grow stronger, the feeling I got from being brave is indescribable!!

Skydiver #1

The overall experience was such a confidence booster to chase dreams! We don’t need to follow a safe route in life. It really helped me understand how simple it can be and that it is definitely do able!

Skydiver #2

This skydive experience is for people who want to push their life one step further and those who needs a little bit of inspiration to step out of ordinary routine and explore the opportunities that face every day life.

Skydiver #3

Switch on the light.

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