Courage or Careful Coward?

What defines you?

Every key life decision can be seen as a point where someone is courageous and embracing the moment, or as careful cowardliness, where somebody runs away from risk, from discomfort and therefor away from opportunity.

Each of your decisions have a profound impact on where you end up tomorrow and in years to come.

If you master courage you control your destiny. It is that powerful.

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Break free from fear and self-doubt

Learn to make authentic choices, to live pure and true to your heart. Embrace fears and excitement as one, and then act. Unleashing greatness is your guide to the greatest you.

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Culture of greatness

Understand what it takes to achieve personal, sporting and business greatness. Let DG help to unlock and unleash greatness in your team.

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A jump on to the Pathway of Courage

Jump with the flying psychologist. Which is so much more than a jump. It’s a jump for life change.

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This book is NOT about dreaming small. It’s about taking Pathway 1 in pursuit of your “impossible” dream. People often think that BIG dreams are unrealistic and stupid.  Stupidity, however, has no plan. Pathway 1 is all about planning, measuring your progress, facing brutal facts and having the courage to be relentless in the achievement of your true bliss. It’s also about giving back to community, helping others get better and being grounded as well as driven. David has hit the spot with this book. It will give the reader a formula to follow for success – if you genuinely want it and are prepared to pay the price.

Wayne Smith, Global Rugby Icon

“This book is a must read for anyone wanting to achieve more in their life and is a real life changer.  David Galbraith is an absolute master at what he does and is truly inspiring. He understands people and has the ability to help people smash self-doubt and to unleash their full potential.”

Richard Kahui, Rugby World Cup Winning All Black

Unleashing Greatness – The Book

Over the last 10 years David Galbraith has been refining how to best support a person unleash their personal greatness. He has been incredibly privileged to work with some exceptional people from all walks of life. As part of this journey he was asked to generate his material into a publishable book. ‘UNLEASHING GREATNESS’ is the result of this work.

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Everyone is capable of greatness


Switch on your light

Commit to courage. Right here right now.

Have the courage to reflect on who you are. Who you really are shown by your behaviours. Compare this against who you want to be, as a person. In this phase you lay the foundations for the rest of your life! Release from expectations and indoctrination to be a certain way. Laying out the values you knew deep in your heart and soul, that define who you are as a human.


Commit to your values

Give your values integrity – live them.

This is the phase of creating rituals and behaviour that bring your values to life. It is identifying projects you will invest your time, resources, heart and soul in to and it is creating the scaffolding around these projects (e.g. mentors, strategic plans and resources).


Jump and fly forever

Commit to action. Live courage every day. Create a new reference point for life.

Courage is something that grows stronger with more use. Neglect courage and fear and self-doubt will multiply! This step is realizing that you now need to be acting in your day to day life. Disconnect from time and connect with rituals and PURITY.


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