Bring High Performance
Habits to your life

One thing I’ve learned from decades of being immersed in the highest echelon of High Performance sport is elite athletes are ordinary
people doing extra ordinary things.

And these extra ordinary things come from extra ordinary habits.

Habits that have nothing to do with sport, and everything with mind and soul.

The good news is: You can learn these High Performance Habits too.

And discover your extra ordinary – unleash your inner weirdo.

DG in your business

Truly successful teams have deep connection

DG immerses himself everyday in the highest echelon of high performance in teams and with athletes chasing .001 of a second that defines winning and losing!  

He knows how to build high performing cultures where people unleash their unique greatness and where businesses win and have an insane time doing so.

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Olympic Mind Coaching

One-on-one coaching to fully tap into your potential

Within every person there is a quintessential weirdo waiting to be released. If we could only let go of fears, doubts, conditioning, old beliefs. Basically take the handbrake off fully, like an Olympian who gives 100%. Every one can be an Olympian in their own lives.

When we approach life with the attitude of an Olympian, the real magic happens…

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The Book

For more than 25 years David Galbraith has been refining how to best support a person unleash their personal greatness. He has been incredibly privileged to work with some exceptional people from all walks of life. As part of this journey he was asked to generate his material into a publishable book. 'UNLEASHING GREATNESS' (2015) is the result of this work. Already sold thousands of copies, secure yours here!

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About David Galbraith

For more than two decades David Galbraith has been a performance coach and helped many individuals and teams to unleash their greatness. An overview:

  • DG is specialised in performance coaching in sport, business and life for 20+ years

  • Olympics Performance Coach for High Performance Sport NZ – currently in 4th Olympic games cycle

  • Medal table over career: 7 Golds; 2 Silver; 4 Bronze
  • Mind Coach to Lisa Carrington; Sarah Walker; Laura Langman; Sarah Cowley; Mike Dawson

  • Mind Coach for All Blacks Sevens team (13 years)
  • Chiefs Super Rugby team (11 years, 2008 – 2019)
  • Performance Coach to Japan National Rugby Team – Brave Blossoms, 2019 and 2023 for Rugby World Cup

  • Author of the book Unleashing Greatness


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