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For more than 20 years David Galbraith has been refining how to best support a person unleash their personal greatness. He has been incredibly privileged to work with some exceptional people from all walks of life. As part of this journey he was asked to generate his material into a publishable book. ‘UNLEASHING GREATNESS is the result of this work.

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From the back cover:

Everyone is capable of greatness . . . sadly, not everybody finds it.

Many people’s lives are ripped apart by self-doubt and destroyed by fear of failing. BEING CAREFUL becomes their sorry trademark! Careful not to fail, careful not to upset people and careful not to be judged or rejected! This results in never fully UNLEASHING their true selves and always settling for second best – in the job they apply for, the course of study they pursue, the person they ask out to coffee or to marry them! What makes it worse is that deep down they know they are capable of so much more . . . and it tears them apart inside!

If you are sick and tired of settling for second best or want to achieve the greatness you know is just there in front of you, then this book is for you! This book moves beyond most other personal development and sports psychology books by providing a clear, simple, practical structure to follow to achieve a deep Mental Toughness and Killer Instinct, and pure ‘mind/body/soul connection’.

The material in this book works! If followed fully it will help you achieve your ‘greatness’ in sport, and in life. Whether that is as a parent or spouse, or a business-person or athlete. It will help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams in finances, at school or university, and in sport. It will help you to secure the dream job and find your dream partner.

And perhaps most importantly, it will help you help others reach their dreams if you are a teacher, coach or mentor, or you are a friend just helping out a friend!

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