Discover what you could become

When we approach life with the attitude of an Olympian, magic happens.

The magic you witness when an Olympian fully drops in and gives 100%. That magic is not limited to sports. It’s for everyone, for every aspect of life.

That’s what DG Coaching is about. Unleash as you.

Download Info and Pricing
Download Info and Pricing
Proven methods from the world stage

Olympic Mind Coaching is a coming together from all DG’s learnings and experience throughout his career in the high performance space – now available to you.

About David Galbraith:

  • DG is specialised in performance coaching in sport, business and life for 20+ years

  • Olympics Performance Coach for High Performance Sport NZ – currently in 4th Olympic games cycle

  • Medal table over career: 7 Golds; 2 Silver; 4 Bronze
  • Mind Coach to Lisa Carrington; Sarah Walker; Laura Langman; Sarah Cowley; Mike Dawson

  • Mind Coach for All Blacks Sevens team (13 years)
  • Chiefs Super Rugby team (11 years, 2008 – 2019)
  • Performance Coach to Japan National Rugby Team – Brave Blossoms, 2019 and 2023 for Rugby World Cup

  • Author of the book Unleashing Greatness
What you will receive when you join DG Coaching
  • Personal one-on-one coaching from David. A deep and intense programme of one month with a weekly long session and a short in-between catch up to deepen the work.

  • Helpful resources developed by DG and additional videos and other helpful relevant links.

  • Access to everything David has learnt over 20 years of being immersed everyday in the highest echelon of high performance, working with some of the best coaches and athletes in the world

  • Guidance establishing personal and performance routines that facilitate you to achieve your potential and ultimate goals

  • Unrelenting accountability loops where David coaches you to ensure your thinking, language and behavior aligns to your goals and optimal potential

  • Rejoice in success, as well as support in hard times which will inevitably come when pursuing greatness

How it works
A commitment to self

DG’s Olympic Mind Coaching is a coming together of all DG’s knowledge and experience in the high performance space from the last 25+ years. To ensure depth and lasting change clients commit to one month as a minimum.

DG Coaching includes:

  • One month one-on-one coaching with DG

  • 4 x Long sessions of approx 1 hour

  • 4 x Short sessions of approx 15 minutes
    (each long session is followed by a short one)

  • Halfway online performance review

  • Inclusion of, and guidance for your support person

  • Access and use of DG’s resources

Pricing & Sign up
Pricing & Sign up

Your month starts on the day of your first session. All sessions take place over Zoom or phone.

Is this for you?

I don’t know! I know it is for some people and not others. It may not be for you. And it may be perfect for you. To help work that out reflect on the following.

  • You may be already very successful, but know that you are still miles away from tapping your full potential

  • It may look from the outside that you have the perfect life and everything sorted. But you know this is not the case. You may instead be living the perfect lie

  • You are somehow unable to create the change you desire and you have no clarity on what is in the way

  • You feel it is time for the powerful truth to be revealed and for you to live with integrity and pride

And… is it?

If something stirs within while reading the above, when you feel a ‘yes’ deep down, while also experiencing a strange mixture of elation and some degree of discomfort… you may be ‘in the right place at the right time’.

Download the info and find out more
A personal note from David

Now you have arrived at the bottom of this page I’d like to share a few words with you.

Even though I don’t know who you are and I might never get to meet you, there are two things I hope for you.

First, when you gaze into your lover’s eyes, or the eyes of your children, your friends or family, I hope you feel deep connection and peace. In short, you feel ‘home’.

Second, when you gaze into your own eyes while standing in front of the mirror, you feel pride and joy (go on, try it today for a couple of minutes).

When you can experience these two things deeply… you have truly arrived at the meaning of life.

It is a place words will never adequately portray. It resides in the unconscious dimension, and one all can access. Sadly though, it is only a very small minority who ever do. I wish with all my heart it is you….

Warmest wishes

Words from those who did it!

I am living what I want to do and
being PURE rather than keep everyone else happy all the time!


DG you are an awesome human and I can genuinely say that the work you have done with me over just the last 2 weeks already has laid the foundations for me to change my life.


I am good enough just as I am, perfectly imperfect!


Now just feeling a massive desire to further these lessons and let them sink in. No handbrakes. Not thinking about who I am, being who I am. And driving my own blood train!!!


I have been able to put myself in situations that would normally make me very uncomfortable and instead of running away from them I have been embracing them using my deepest intentions


I feel challenged in a good way.


DG has helped me understand the way in which I operate and excel. He has helped me simplify my process and what I need to do to get into ‘the green’.


I have been able to set goals and work towards them every day.


I am now able to speak up with other managers.

I’m singing everywhere now.


It feels so warm and so peaceful.


What an amazing four sessions, so much more than I expected (and i expected a lot).


DG helped me deepen my self-awareness and provided real clarity on my focus, plan and projects moving forward.


It’s been a liberating process…


Sessions have been great and given me a number of tools that I used, and can continue house, going forwards. These tools were simple, easy to use, effective and just nailed it.


I learn so much from the sessions.


After that first session I came away absolutely buzzing!!


I have a gained a lot of confidence from using these tools and done things I normally would have very quickly run away from.


I think the biggest take home for me is I try to look at things in a different way, I try and focus on the good rather than the ugly in embracing the good, the ugly gets smaller and manageable.


Just the right balance of focus, fun, laughter, swearing and curiosity.