David Galbraith

Public speaker, writer, dad, former psychologist, community man, environmentalist, mentor.

David Galbraith – aka HOGman (Habit Of Greatness-man) – believes in a world and future driven by passion and in ‘people acting from courage’ is the way to get there.

Through public speaking, his book Unleashing Greatness and his work with teams and individuals he encourages and equips people to discover and express their true selves, which results in people living their greatest lives.

David is also founder of The Pathway 1 Foundation, an initiative to create an eternal legacy of embracing courage and living pure. The foundation supports great people to take Pathway 1 (The Pathway of Courage) and initiatives that bring positive change to our communities and our beautiful country.

DG about courage

“Courage is key to live your greatest life”

Courage is critical to you unleashing your mind and achieving your potential. It is courage you need to overcome a fear, to step outside your comfort zone, to keep moving, to be patient, to keep practising, trusting and investing.

Courage is the most important emotion you need to learn to control in your life. It does not matter if you are still at school, work in one of the biggest companies in the word, are an Olympian or a parent.

When acting from courage you’re taking the hard road (Pathway 1). You’re taking action that requires courage, despite the risk of failing, judgements, rejection or upsetting others, and despite fears and doubts. It is also taking the hard road in the face of potential success.

Taking the Pathway of Courage means Acting from Courage – which could result in desired outcome, or not. It is Expressing your True Self, which results in people living their greatest lives.

DG’s background

David Galbraith has been a New Zealand Registered clinical psychologist for more than 20 years. He specialised in performance psychology in the sporting and business arenas. Retiring after 20 years he now embarks on a journey of sharing the message of the power of Courage. DG in a nutshell:

  • Sport psychologist to Super Rugby (recently retired after his 11th campaign)
  • Also to All Black Sevens Team (11th campaign)
  • He is in his 3rd Olympic cycle with High Performance Sport NZ.
  • Worked with a number of elite athletes and teams including Lisa Carrington, Sarah Walker, Mike Dawsen and Magic Netball
  • Works with the Japanese Rugby Team at the World Cup in Japan and continues through to the 2023 World Cup in France.
  • Author of the book Unleashing Greatness

He still supports individuals, teams and businesses to establish robust and productive cultures based on personal and collective excellence.