I had a good friend challenge me recently that he just needed to live ‘pure’ and from courage and that he did not need to set goals or have a long term vision! What he did not realise is that setting goals and having a long term vision is a critical component of achieving PURE! Without goals and a long term vision people seem to spend a long time ‘stuck’ – ‘floating in the clouds’ – achieving a false purity and never getting anywhere. Dreams are a critical catalyst in achieving your full potential! Dreams facilitate goals, and goals then lead to plans! Plans generate commitment and focus! It is through this magic mixture that genuine purity occurs! Remember though, stay well clear of reality, and anyone that tells you to be realistic, when DREAMING. Make sure you add a good dose of ‘impossibility’ into any DREAM you set. Disconnect from ‘reality’ and watch your PURITY explode! Imagine if Sir Edmund Hillary has listened to ‘reality’ that human beings could not exist above 28ooo feet! He would have never even tired!!