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Become the greatest leader and mentor

We help you to help others.

You know you got it. You want to inspire. You want to help others to reach their potential. To be courageous. So they will chase their dreams, with a passion. And not be stopped by fears or expectations. You want to help people to unleash their greatness. And you could use a hand yourself to fulfill this dream.

Pathway 1 Mentoring Conferences gear you up to become the mentor others need to become the greatest they can be.

Our speakers are people who have taken the hard road themselves. And would love to help
others to do the same. They donate their time to bring more great, courageous leaders in to this
world. You. So you can help others to be great. And so on. So the world becomes a better place by having more good people.

Fruits for you to enjoy

Our public gardens are looking a real picture as autumn closes in. The apples are finished for this season… and were so good this year… delicious. The Feijoa just coming into fruit … give them a week or two and head out there… If you are biking or passing bye – stop and have a look. Take a bag home with you… Enjoy.

15 April 2019|

The Pathway 1 People

The Pathway 1 Foundation Trustees have been carefully selected. It was critical that the right people were appointed to the board. The required trait was that the people selected embodied the Pathway 1 philosophy in their day to day lives! The following board members absolutely do that!

A bunch of passionate people, who love being Kiwi, and want to see New Zealanders reach their potential, and enhance and protect our beautiful country.


Founder and Board Chair

We have teamed up with a professional mentoring agency, NZ Coaching and Mentoring Centre to ensure the workshops we provide educate amazing, well equipped mentors.

How high can you fly?

Pathway one supports great people doing great things.

Pathway 1. The Pathway of Courage. The pathway of facing fears, and to be all-in – embracing opportunities and challenges.
No excuses, no give up talk, no seeking reassurance. But to be pure. To express your true self. And to see how far and high you can fly…

The Pathway 1 Foundation is here to guide those who are willing to take the hard road.

We will be hosting several workshops later in 2018, led by inspirational and courageous leaders and role models, to produce more courageous leaders. And you can be part of it – at no cost.

About the Pathway 1 Foundation

Support a greater world

When people unleash their greatness, magic happens. Not just for that person, but
for everyone and everything around them. Our world needs good people. Our world
needs the great things these people will do.

Our world needs more

Unfortunately many New Zealanders never realise their deeper potential due to lack (financial) support. Our professional mentoring programme is needed to help  to develop these youth.


Our world needs more

When people unleash their greatness, not just the person, but the whole world benefits. The P1F supports projects that make a positive difference in communities. Project that benefit a wider community so everyone can thrive.


Great people doing great things