The saddest truth in life is that what stops most people from ever unleashing their greatness is themselves. It is not their circumstances, their intellect, their resources, their upbringing… but themselves. We let ourselves off the hook all the time… and ironically most people also play out the same internal process in their world around them… letting everyone else off the hook as well! This is a double tragedy as not only do we rip others off by not ‘bringing’ all of ourselves to relationships and life in general, but we let others rip themselves off as well!!! No one wins!!!! We let ourselves and other off the hook by making excuses (e.g. I am just too busy… we have to forgive them been late, they are so busy…) and give up talk (e.g. she will never be interested in having a coffee with me…) and seeking reassurance from others around you (e.g. asking others what they think about our ideas or plans…). These three things are like acid to courage! If you want to unleash your greatness establish internal integrity today and commit to follow through no matter what! Knock these three ‘little’ things on the head and challenge all those around you to do the same!!! Do this and watch your courage soar!