This week we pull together the first two HOGGs. By now you will have reflected deeply on whether you are living fully or not – or whether you live from fear and self doubt, always been careful! You may now be acutely aware of the acidic nature of excuses, give up talk and seeking reassurance! As a result i am excited to think of the radical changes you will have made already in your worlds – and inspired or supported others to make in their lives. Today i want you to look externally now and think over how people see you! When reflecting on possibly New Zealand’s greatest common hero, Sir Ed Hillary, it seems he lived his life from the following philosophy – ‘I would rather die living from courage than to live till an old age living from fear of failure or self doubt!’ Another way of saying this may be – ‘I would rather frail strong than ever succeed weak!’ When Sir Ed passed away the entire country stopped! This was not because of his achievements as an adventurer, rather it was a sign of the deepest respect for who he was as a person, as a human! It was because of his mana… his integrity! This week i want you to reflect on what you would like people to say about you at your funeral! What would you want placed on your tomb stone when your last day is done. That is your homework! What is your Life Philosophy?! What I refer to as you Pathway 1 Philosophy of courage! You can have a few to start with. Could be key words or quotes or phrases that really connect with you! Once you have written them or it down go and tell your philosophy to those most important to you – your spouse, your partner, your closest friends – and then explain to them what they will see when you ‘LIVE’ to this philosophy! And because you now make no excuses, use give up talk or seek reassurance notice how it now feels when you publicly announce your philosophy – you should feel an internal commitment and drive to now follow through… to now have External Integrity!