If we could ever regress down all the factors related to living a great life ‘Courage’ would be the key variable! Before we can truly uncover our ‘why’ or what it is we deeply want we have to commit to living brutal courage – without it unconscious fears and subsequent doubts pollute everything! To the point we don’t really have the foggiest idea what it is we want – deeply in love one day, hating our partner the next, loving our job today wondering what the hell we are doing here tomorrow!!! These are symptoms you are not living from courage and are actually living from the unconscious coward… seeking comfort rather than potential… and as a result end up settling for second best, never voicing your full thoughts or expressing your true self… petrified you will be judged and rejected, or cause conflict… resulting in a life of repression… dying a thousand deaths every day… well until we reach 40 years old anyway… where we seem to stop caring what others think and it is then we that we see our life… laid bare behind you!! In todays HOG cast (my version of the pod cast) – you can hear a little more about this and your first bit of homework… Are you LIVING fully from courage?