Love and Laughter are the most valuable commodities in the universe… yet so many people spend almost no time in their day finding ways to grow an nurture both. I used to define success as perfection or the avoidance of imperfection! For me to go to bed happy at night i needed my children and my wife to be absolutely obedient – listen first time and behave like i did! When they got things wrong i let them know… setting up a powerful negative psychology – of them feeling like they were never good enough… there was not much laughter in our home… and consequently you could say not much pure love… maybe obliged love but nothing special… then it dawned on me one day after my two year old had smashed a glass door with her head, that i was the problem… i had set up the ‘pressure to perform’ and it was destroying them and relationship… so that was when i turned everything on its head… where i demanded obedience i now demanded disobedience – we had ice cream for breakfast and spent hours an hours playing at the park! I also found that farting made little children laugh! So i started eating bran to be able to fart on cue! And today when buying a christmas tree my youngest daughter farted loudly in public while we waited to pay for the tree and just started laughing… and i realised then that laughter had no only generated relationship and love… but it had facilitated the evolution of a deep self acceptance in my daughters! Can you believe that… farting makes them laugh and feel loved… genuinely loved… and that leads to a deep settling within them… a peacefulness that leads the to then see themselves as loveable humans… and they then love themselves! Fart a lot this Christmas… and see what it creates in you an others!