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Unleashing greatness within your team

A workshop on building epic teams who make great shit happen both at work and in their lives – and with that, in our world.


Teams that innovate, collaborate, care, build an enduring legacy and WIN

Everyone is unique and weird. And everyone is capable of powerful ‘greatness’. Yet sadly too often self doubt and fear -fear of failure, judgement and rejection- squashes free spirit, stifling potential as an individual, in business, team and life!

DG’s life vision is to smash this bullshit and help people set themselves free. This starts a chain of events that results in others being their weird selves too. And this triggers a magic in teams that leads to great shit happening, such as innovation, collaboration, care, investment, productivity, profit and staff retention.

These workshops are good if you want your team to be ‘entertained’, and also leave them with something that will potentially help them move to a new level of ‘living’; and your organisation to a new level of performance and productivity.



DG will share the ‘path to enlightenment’ in such a way that will leave people feeling inspired, and not overwhelmed. These workshops often open up concepts of courage and self-truth, and it is common for people to feel challenged when they have their current reality laid bare in front of them.

This is done in a safe manner however, leaving people reflective of their current habits, life and performance. It gives them an opportunity to consider their future from a new perspective and a refreshing intention of LIVING FULLY!

Truly successful teams have pure connection – just like in sports


The workshops encourages self reflection as well as connection with others. Through that, it touches on the very essence of successful teams. DG has learnt from working with the highest levels of elite sport both Olympic and international rugby that truly successful teams have pure connection. And it is here that deep resilience lives and instinctual performance and magic happens under the highest pressure.


In his 20 years as a clinical psychologist working with both people and elite athletes, DG has seen that too many people settle for second best in life and basically die slowly. They live their own personal lie in order to remain comfortable, yet unhappy and unfulfilling.

He has also seen, that when people break through their own lies and connect with courage, that magic happens. Life takes off, to a whole different level. And that is a gift to themselves, and also to their community and world they live in. This in turn gives ‘permission’ and inspires others to be themselves as well.


Once you uncover your inner truths however… you can never go back… it is something you can not ‘unknow’. The world will never, and can never be the same again.

You can never go back to letting yourself off the hook for living substandard, for dying slowly, for living the lie to remain comfortable and be accepting of your unhappy, unfulfilling reality and living your second best.

You will laugh, possibly cry, open yourself up in deep conversations and reflect on your life, your children, your friends and relationships, your reality like never before.

If you want to get the most out of your people, and also take your business to unleash its greatness, DG is happy to get you going.

Whatever this workshop generates in you it will be profound!


Lots of laughter as well as so much quality self reflection for everyone. Outstanding combination.

Honestly, this is the beginning of the new me.

What I enjoyed about you is that you are outside the box. Watching you perform your craft, you are a unique human being!! I am genuinely grateful to have met you!

You taught me one big lesson: BE YOURSELF. […]. The athletes saw the true me and it was much easier than trying be something or someone I wasn’t.

Interesting what you find buried in your heart as you chip away at your fears and see what you would do if you lived by courage and not by fear.

I was profoundly moved, not only by what you shared, but by how you shared it. Hearing you speak and witnessing your energy in person has added a new depth of understanding to your work and a felt-sense experience of it, which was truly enriching and authentic.

Your workshop came at just the right time in my life; after years of striving for perfection, has left me feeling empty, isolated and confused.

I now understand that I have been putting my energy and focus in all the wrong places.

About DG

David is a NZ registered Clinical Psychologist. He has just completed his 11th Campaign with the Chiefs Super Rugby Team; is in his 11th World Series with the All Black Sevens Team and in his 3rd Olympic Campaign.

He works with a number of elite athletes including Lisa Carrington and Sarah Walker. He worked with Noelene Taurua in 2012 when the Magic Netball team won the Trans-Tasman Netball Championship.

Most recently David worked with the Japanese Rugby Team at the World Cup in Japan. He is also the author of the book Unleashing Greatness which can be purchased at talks.

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