When leaders and team unleash their greatness, magic happens for the group.

Unleashing greatness in your team

Do you and your group want to understand what it takes to achieve personal, sporting and business greatness? Let DG help to unlock and unleash greatness in your team by booking a speaking session.


WARNING: DG is unique!

DG is available for one off or repeated speaking sessions. He is frequently invited to talk with a variety of groups (e.g. principals, directors, developing leaders, athletes, schools, coaches, business organisations) wanting to understand about what it takes to achieve personal, sporting and business greatness.

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Leadership programmes

Leadership = GOLD!

Quality Leadership is the critical ingredient to any Gold Medal and Championship Performance! Personal leadership is also the key to fulfilling your life potential and those around you (e.g. spouse or children). DG is available to assist you in evolving your personal and or professional leadership potential, and or with those within your team or organisation. He offers varying degrees of involvement. It can be one off talks with leaders to assist them in understanding the critical components to leadership success, or longer term involvement where you utilise DG for initiating and carrying out leadership development within your team or organisation.

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