When we sit back and review our lives, and those around us – one theme often stands out. When people PLAN to do something – i mean seriously PLAN – things usually turn out! A great plan does many things to us psychologically that contribute to this. Firstly, it generates ACCOUNTABILITY! As soon as we write something down – and even more so when we share it with our mentor – we unleash energy that fuels us to follow through! If we have internal integrity – remember, that is living without excuses or give up talk – we do what we say we are going to do!!! A plan is another way of saying ‘I believe’, and so from planning comes confidence – automatically. And the more clarity you generate from your plan the higher the enthusiasm to get stuck into the work. Good plans keep us focused! They help us know what to say no to and be ready for what we ‘must’ say YES to along the way. It helps us focus on the CAKE and the process or our journey an not get caught up or distracted by the ‘outcome’ or the icing! I suggest you have clarity on the key stepping stones to get to the DREAM (just like Climbing Everest, you have to go through five or six camps to get there – there is not other way!), then as you get closer to the here and now your planning needs to be more detailed, especially the weekly an daily plans. Remember, everything must link, what you do in the next minute-hour must be contributing to the current project you need to complete to get to the next stepping stone along the way! NO WASTED MINUTES!