DG’s Kick Up The Arse Courage Mentoring

Engage with DG, for 10 minutes a day for a intense courage conversation. A powerful experience facilitating you to unleash your personal weirdness and potential in life, sport, relationships or business – wherever your heart takes you.

  • When: 10 minute conversations (over phone) take place every morning before 9am Monday to Friday, and Sunday evening for a planning session. Saturday you get a rest.
  • Duration: start with one week and see how you get on. Maybe you’re done in one, maybe it takes forever for you to get out of bullshit world and into the real world! You are in control.
  • Costs: $230 per week (includes gst)
  • Maximum 10 spaces. Secure your spot by purchasing one week.
  • Anyone can join. You don’t have to be in sports or coaching. Just a willingness to live fully