As we approach Christmas people often start to reflect on the year that was. When we review we either look at what worked or what did not… and mostly humans are drawn to reflect on and ruminate over what did not work… or what I refer to as ‘moment of shit’ mindset (MOS). Sadly most people think we ‘have to’ analyse where things go wrong for us to ‘learn’ our lessons! You often hear them say “if we don’t look at the shit then we won’t learn!” You really see this in sporting environments where athletes, coaches and support staff become over focused on what went wrong… obsessively so… and almost in a way that reflects a deep belief that they have to look at the shit otherwise they are in some way not actually doing it properly! Ironically though in sport – regardless of whether we look at he mistake/failing or success the resulting ‘training plan’ when they get into action is exactly the same!! So then, it is our choice what we look at to ‘learn’! Further, when you look at the shit you create a psychology process that takes people ‘down’ in mood, down into the ‘hole’ if you want to give it a name! Now it is a hard place to go where motivation and energy is low, and it takes effort to get yourself up and going again! Now enough failures in a row and it is no surprise at all that people start to feel depressed… The opposite is true too though, learn through success and confidence, self belief, enthusiasm and ambition fire! Understanding this has helped me hopefully shape my children to be what i call MOP or moment of perfection human beings – where they analyse what worked to seek learning! And what cool people they are becoming! Here is the questions they use to drive their minds into MOP: (1) What was my best memory today? (2) What did i learn today that will help me tomorrow? (3) What am i most proud of from today? You can see how these questions drive the mind into ‘optimism’ and positive psychology! Try these questions when you review your year – ask yourself these questions, ask you loved ones and friends as you relate and spend time together over the festive season!!