New years is the time when most people set their goals for the next year! Usually this occurs when someone is really drunk and surrounded by people in similar or worse condition than themselves! Not the best time to be setting a plan and targets for the year head! Then when they wake up the next day, the year is off to a great start! Hung over, feeling incredibly unhealthy! Also, what seems to happen is people reflect on physical achievements e.g. goals achieved, money made and events won! Very few reflect on the person they are becoming! Also what i have found is when people reflect on the physical world or ‘achievements’ they tend to feel regret and heart ache at all they have failed to achieve. This seems to become more profound for people as they grow older – feeling more and more regret at what they have not achieved and in the end become frozen with desperation because they feel they are now ‘just too old’ to achieve anything of significance, and time is slipping away! My encouragement for you as you look towards 2017 is to actually prioritise time over the next couple of days before the 9th of January (the day in NZ this year when ‘work’ starts again for most) to sit down with a coffee and really commit some good time and thinking to your plans for 2017! Now, please from the get go forget ‘goal setting’ in the traditional sense. Most people end up setting targets not goals e.g. i want to loose 10 kg etc… this is a target not a goal and this is why a lot of people never achieve their ‘goals’. I love the Albert Einstein quote “Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value”. This should drive your ‘goal setting’ for 2017. Forget what you want to achieve and focus more on the person you want to become. Do this by first asking yourself what ‘values’ do you want to govern your life in 2017?! Now this is a very different question from what you want to achieve!!! Mine are Family, Laughing, Gratitude/Generosity, Challenge – that is it! I want to get to the end of 2017 an look back on those four values and see examples of them been lived everywhere in my days and weeks – in big and little ways! Now see how this is so different from ‘standard’ goal setting! It revolutionises the process! Now for example of how this looks, if i have integrity i should now commit my time to family things (value 1) – daily and weekly family objectives doing things that lead to fun and laughter with my children and wife (e.g. daily farting and burping out loud was it makes them laugh so hard! – there you go… i have just set a goal without even realising – to fart and burp multiple times a day! – then i set another goal – to eat bran to help my digestive system be ready for all this ‘high performance farting’ i am going to be doing!). Now you may ask, how does this help me professionally?! It is massive! Imagine if every sports team i work with i push these values… family, fun, gratitude, and challenge… that will be a hell of an environment to be apart of! So from here … today… what are your values you are going to define 2017 by? Then once you have your values clear ask yourself these critical questions – (1) What does each value look like in action every day – no matter whether you are at work, with family etc…? (2) Who do you need to mentor you in these values?! Now that is a powerful consideration – having a family mentor, a fun mentor, etc… !! This is the start of your 2017 plan. From here feel free to set ‘targets’ that assist you to achieve your values!