Join DG for one day…

and change your life forever

This is not ‘falling to your death’ as your mind (and family and friends?) may scare you into believing. It is a jump to your life. To your future.

Learn about the Pathway of Courage, and influence your life, and the lives of those special people around you, in a profound way!


Join DG on a skydive. Which is so much more than a jump alone. It’s a day where you will experience pure freedom, and deeply feel how you can apply this to your daily life.

In a small group setting we’ll discuss life to date and achievements for the future. DG introduces and discusses ‘Pathway 1’ – the Pathway of Courage- and how it applies to our lives.

And then we jump. And while we buzz out on the post adrenaline, we review, we anchor key learnings, talk and implement courage, set challenges and make plan before returning to living our epic lives.

“What’s on the other side of terror? Freedom. Beyond description. And clarity of personal potential.”


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The experience to me was not about the jump alone, the conversation we all took part in was a true jump in itself!

Skydiver #2


This jump is open to anyone. Everyone benefits. Leaders, families, teams, individuals. As long as you are 18+. And willing to experience what is on the other side of terror!

It’s a full day in which we talk, share, jump and talk more. We discover how the whole skydive journey is a metaphor for how we live life. From the fear through to letting go and absolute freedom. To connect with that true feeling and experience is the start of a new you.

Jumps take place across the country, often in Taupo or Mercer. You can join a small group by yourself or arrange to jump with your own small group.

  • A full day with DG for reflection and learning

  • The fee (incl gst) includes the jump and all food.

  • Please arrange own transport to location.

  • Special fees apply for groups – please enquire

  • If the schedules dates don’t suit – get in touch to make different arrangements

“It was so amazing… beyond descriptions… and so epic… and deeply freeing… peaceful… Things just seems so different now in the way I look at things and the world around me… deeper more vibrant… more alive… it was certainly transformational and something I will always cherish. It has changed me forever.”

David Galbraith

Chatting with David got me to think more broadly about how I should make the most of what I want to get out of life and how I can achieve this.

Skydiver #3
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Chatting with you gave me clarity. It put everything into perspective. I now have a plan and a way of achieving my dream.

Skydiver #1

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