How has your mind been today? Preoccupied with the US election? Hooked on watching the polls minute by minute – engaging in ongoing discussions about Donald Trump, even though you are sick and tired of talking about him… you just can’t stop doing it. Has your mind catastrophised what it means for global peace if he wins? Or… have you got on with things in your life… engaging with your children at a deep level… continuing with your daily habits and business plans, your community work, fully engaged in your life and those of the people important to you. How your mind has been today tells you a lot about you and your inner character… whether you are deeply wired to be courageous or operate from fear… how you are right now as the election results become clear is how you are living your life in general! You can not hide from it… self honesty… reflect tonight as you lie in bed… where does you remind go… fear… or commitment to live your life no matter what political drama flies around us!