Mentoring is one of the most over looked ingredients to finding your true potential! I suggest to many that if they are really serious to uncovering their deep abilities then this is the ‘magical’ ingredient! Yet, only around 10% (or less!) of people i suggest this to follow through and approach their ‘dream’ mentor. It is just too scary! Ironically though, it is this level of terror that in turn does magical things to our minds… it seems that because it scares us that greatly when we reach out and approach that person, our mind finds a place of deep belief in the impossible dream… it is as though it says to itself… “holly, you must be serious about this if you are prepared to feel this much discomfort and still act!!” You wait till you go to make the phone call… organise to meet with the person you know you must approach! Your hands shake, your voice trembles, your tummy tightens… and afterwards … watch out… your spirit soars!! And with it your enthusiasm to do more and ambition to climb higher! The key question is this: “If i could have anybody in the world to be my mentor… in line with my impossible DREAM, who would it be?” Make sure you hold no limitations to this question – i don’t care where they live… imagine if you needed to save 10K to travel once a year to meet with a mentor in Europe! Imagine how serious you would then apply yourself to your projects in order to reach your DREAM! Here is a little story of the power of ‘mentoring’. Since i started working in sport my daughters have come to many group and team talks. In a funny kind of way i became their mentor… They would sit at the back of the room, listening. And the youngest started to write summary notes for us to talk over afterwards. Last week i was due to talk to a group of high performance athletes – the night before my daughter approached me… “Dad, you are doing a talk tomorrow night aye?”… “Yes, i sure am… want to come?” i replied… “Can i do it for you?” she asked! Now, my daughter is 10 years old! “Absolutely” i said, “what a great idea… why don’t you start the session, and when you have had enough i will carry on!” “Deal, she said!” Late that night she approached me and said… “daddy my tummy has snakes in it… i am terrified!” (Now this is what you all should be feeling… often – if you are truely connected and committed to your Impossible DREAM and acting towards it!). We both smiled, “cool aye” i said, “that is what living Pathway 1 is, this is what it feels like to be really alive!” The next day when i picked her up from school she said… “i have been thinking about the talk all day!” We then went home and planned together over hot chocolate and toast… I have included two photos, one is planning at home, then the other one is her writing on the white board in the lecture theatre before the talk… She was awesome… she asked them.. “Where is one place you lived from courage today?” then she asked “Where is one place you CTTT?” (contributed to the team), and lastly challenged them on where they could CTTT and live from Pathway 1 over next week ahead. She facilitated the discussion and summarised what they said, wrote it on the board and then passed it onto me to carry on. She was awesome, her summaries were world class and way ‘better’ than what i could have said. This highlights that when you have the correct mentor your development sky rockets and your purity soars along side it! From here your homework is: (1) ask yourself who would be your perfect mentor? and (2) contact them and ask to meet to discuss your dream and whether they will be your mentor! Ideally you should pay them to really turn up the internal heat on your soul to follow through on projects!